Customized System Solutions

Custom-built equipment for advanced processes? We support!

SOLAYER - Customized System Solutions

Customized System Solutions

Solayer’s unique product development procedure is focused on the design and manufacturing of custom-built equipment. Having understood the need to customize the tools for high-tech industries, Solayer's expert team follows a rigorous product development process to transfer customer requirements into tested systems. Hereby, the equipment meets the highest customer demands for quality and yield with the focus on low capital investment and optimized production cost.

SOLAYER - Vacuum Automation

Vacuum Automation

Solayer offers a wide variety of automation solutions for vacuum equipment. The portfolio compromises of single substrate transport and loading, automated cassette lodging for R&D tools as well as cluster tool automation for 2 to 8 ports. The modular design concept allows highest flexibility for existing / new tools. For individual substrates, Solayer follows the same product development process as it used for Customized System Solutions.

Custom tool design & development
High substrate throughput
Innovative design and process solutions
Safe and reliable production performance
Prepared for upgrades to meet future demands
Integration of advanced processes

"Specific design and engineering solutions for reliable production performance according to customer requirements and needs."