Assisting worldwide clients with timely technical support

Offering specialized support to help our customers succeed in a very competitive market

Quick Delivery
Timely supply of spare parts and replacement of worn-out accessories
Superior Quality
Exceptional technology support to improve the performance of thin-film layers
Onsite Support
Hardware and process-oriented support during up-scaling to mass production
Offsite Support
Remote service support to troubleshoot and solve technical problems

- Our Service Portfolio -

SOLAYER - Upgrades & Retrofits


Retrofits/ upgrades of existing equipment and components

Supply of spare parts and accessories

Service and maintenance contract for mass production systems

Service and maintenance of spare parts, e.g. magnetrons and other key components

SOLAYER - Process Development


Customer-oriented technology support

Material qualification for new process technologies

Process implementation and onsite ramp-up support

Up-scaling to mass production

SOLAYER - Product Development


Mechanical and electrical design of equipment and components

Customized engineering and hardware optimization

Layer stack simulation and modeling (e.g., optical layer properties)

Design of tailor-made ALD reactor tools

SOLAYER - Thin-film services



Surface treatment – cleaning, etching, ion implantation

Rapid thermal processing (RTP) of samples through Flash Lamp Annealing (FLA)

Thin film measurement and characterization services in analytics laboratory