Optical Coating Tools

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AVIOR M-300 Ultra High-Precision Sputtering Tool

AVIOR M-300 is an unique high-end production equipment. Using advanced reactive sputtering, this tool is suited for mass production of sophisticated coating designs. The sputter-up (substrate face-down) configuration ensures  minimal particle count and delivers an extremely reproducible coating process with intrinsic long-term stability over the complete target lifetime. Read more >>

AVIOR S-100 Advanced Optical Sputtering Tool

Avior S-100 is an all-in-one plug & coat production equipment, perfectly suited for small production lots as well as for market entry into sputter-coated optical films. The advanced pulsed magnetron sputtering process offers high rates for fast deposition of dense & shift-free films with amorphous structure, low defect and high mechanical& environmental stability. Read more >>

ALASCO O-200 Modular Optical Coating Tool

Alasco O-200 is an universal modular equipment platform. Offering more than sputtering, this modular configurable platform is ideal for R&D and production of cutting-edge optical coating designs. Future-oriented technologies such as Plasma-Immersions-Ion-Implantation (PIII), Flash-Lamp-Annealing (FLA) modules and in-situ metrology are available for customized tool configurations. Read more >>

ALIOTH Versatile Inline Coating Tool

Alioth is a versatile inline production equipment. Qualified for a wide field of applications ranging from large quantities of small substrates through to single large-area substrates, Alioth serves the need for flexibility and sustainability in the production of optical coatings. The platform is designed to produce dielectric coatings, metal-dielectric coatings as well as TCO coatings. Read more >>

Advanced process for several hundred layers

Safe and reliable production performance

High substrate throughput

Integration of multiple processes

Cost-effective production

Flexible for future upgrades and applications

"Enabling ultra high-precision optical coatings with extraordinary film quality that highly benefit our customers."