Avior M-300







Excellent process stability

Superior film quality

Outstanding productivity

Unique flexibility

Ready for future demands

Ultra high-precision sputtering on up to 300 mm substrates

Using advanced reactive sputtering, this tool is suited for mass production of sophisticated coating designs.

We understand that process control plays a critical role in the deposition of optical coatings. Solayer’s AVIOR M-300 is separating the material deposition and oxidation of the film, which means a closed-loop process control (e.g. lamda-probe) for reactive deposition process is not required any longer. Furthermore the tool is using a sputter-up (substrate face-down) configuration for minimal particle count. This forward-looking technology delivers an extremely reproducible coating process with intrinsic long-term stability over the complete target lifetime. Optical films are perfectly stoichiometric, shift-free with a unique uniformity of down to 0.2 %.

The tool is equipped with latest optical broadband monitoring for in-situ deposition growth control.The direct communication between the optical design software, the in-situ monitoring and the equipment controller makes the way clear for rapid prototyping and a straightforward design-to-fabrication workflow. No calibration and test runs needed even for complex coatings design with several hundred layers.

AVIOR M-300 is using future-oriented dual-rotary-magnetrons with massively increased material reservoir compared to planar magnetrons. Thus service intervals are increased, process stability improved and production output optimized.

The filed proven production design is equipped with a load lock to allow an automated robot handling. Fully automated handling is a logical build block in the overall concept – no manual handling required any longer. For maximum flexibility in production, the tool is equipped with a carrier system for simple and fast conversion to various substrate shapes and sizes. Depending on the carrier, the system can be equipped with numberless small substrates or 56x Æ100 mm up to a maximum size of 12x ∅300mm.

The AVIOR M-300 is suited to deliver a cost-effective mass production with extraordinary film quality and coating precision.