Our Quality Policy


The Managing Board of Solayer GmbH declares to work on quality as a main issue of the company philosophy. Our quality management conforms to the following policies:

  • The customer sets the quality standard. The quality objective is to always fulfill 100% of the customer’s requirements.
  • Only high product quality and adherence to schedules ensure us competitive advantages and long-term customer relationships.
  • We carry out strategic analyses, evaluate them and take measures to handle opportunities and threats.
  • In our company, quality management is a continuous improvement process. For this purpose, we include the proposals of our employees, and the suggestions of our customers and other interested parties.
  • The quality of our products not only depends on organizational and technical measures, but also requires every individual to take conscious responsibility.
  • The quality of our products also depends on the quality of our external suppliers. Hence, we demand high quality from them, and we inspect the incoming goods thoroughly.
  • Everyone understands mistakes as a chance of improvement. Therefore, not only the error itself, but also the cause of the error has to be removed. Error prevention has priority ahead of troubleshooting, so that the same error may not occur again.
  • We are obliged to protect our environment and avoid the use of ecologically-unfriendly substances or products. We handle our natural resources responsibly.
  • We work on concrete and measurable quality and company objectives, which are improved every year.
  • The present Quality Policy shall be binding for all of our employees.