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Enabling deposition and modification of high quality thin film layers


Developing state-of-the-art industrial solutions through advanced process and product development

Advanced Research and Process Development
Equipment Development and Manufacturing

Component Development and Manufacturing

Services, Retrofits and System Upgrades

- The Plasma People -

SOLAYER - Competence

SOLAYER GmbH specializes in vacuum coating and surface modification by means of plasma technologies. We develop and manufacture tailor-made equipment and processes in close cooperation with international partners. Plasma pre-treatment, magnetron sputtering, PECVD, ALD and RTP with Flash Lamp Annealing are our technical core competencies. The portfolio of Solayer includes components and tools for laboratory research, pilot production and mass production. We accompany our customers from process development to industrial production in the fields:

  • - Precision Optics
  • - Display
  • - Solar
  • - Glass
  • - Semiconductor
  • - Emerging technologies
  • - Anti-corrosion
SOLAYER - Portfolio

The scientific and engineering experts at our Dresden and Karlstein Technology Centers carry multiple decades of experience in the fields of thin film deposition, surface modification and removal. 

  • - Vacuum equipment development and manufacturing
  • - Component development and manufacturing
  • - Advanced Research and Process development
  • - Upscaling to mass production
  • - System upgrade and retrofits
  • - Spare parts supply
  • - Maintenance service contracts
  • - Job coating and annealing services
  • - Measurement and characterization service
  • - Mechanical and electrical design
  • - Automation and software design
  • - Simulation and modeling