DTF Technology


Dresden, March 2016 – Solayer GmbH is happy to announce the successful access to Dresden Thin Film Technology GmbH’s technology and know-how pool of vacuum coating systems and surface treatment technologies, as per March 2016.

Dresden Thin Film, DTF Technology GmbH, is a technology company that has been based in Dresden – the semiconductor network hub of Germany – since 2009. It specializes in a niche area with the development of novel processes and equipment. Under the leadership of Material Scientists, the company has put its primary focus on the Research & Development area. Thus, it evolved into an innovation house over the years. Their Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD), Flash Lamp Annealing (FLA) and Ion Beam Implantation have strongly addressed cutting-edge technology requirements in the Thin-Film sector and have proved to be very remarkable.

Through an Asset- and Access Deal, Solayer GmbH will now have rights to technologies and processes like CVD, ALD and FLA in the technology portfolio. The enlarged product portfolio will consist of new Systems and Components for large-area coating and cluster-based depositions and will allow Solayer to address wider market segments and expand their customer base significantly.

In the Applications segment, Solayer’s position will substantially strengthen in Thin-Film Technologies for Photovoltaics, Displays, Architectural Glass Coating and Semiconductor. In addition, this access will open new avenues in Precision Optics. The inclusion of ALD in the product range also gives Solayer’s customers the much wanted sophistication to produce superior Thin-Films. Likewise, with the increasing demand for flexible devices and innovative coating techniques (spraying, printing etc.), FLA finds perfect utility in precise thermal management to improve electrical or optical properties of thin films. “The expected result is a growth in valuable synergies, greater efficiencies and a significant increase in Solayer’s market penetration in the Systems and Components business”, said Kamel Ferdi, CEO of Solayer.

Having embarked on a mission of sustainable growth, Solayer GmbH aspires to participate in challenging projects within vacuum-based deposition technologies in the large-area coating industry and continue on the path of Research & Development.