Solayer announces a new Chief Executive Officer



To our Business Partners,

On behalf of our shareholders, we would like to inform you that  Mr. Kamel Ferdi has stepped down from the position of CEO / Managing Director of SOLAYER GmbH, effective immediately.

We greatly applaud Mr. Ferdi’s visionary leadership over the past years and we would like to thank him for his dedicated commitment to SOLAYER.

Through his insightful expertise and management, he made far-reaching contributions to the growth of SOLAYER’s Vacuum and Coating Technology equipment business. Under his leadership, he not only founded SOLAYER, he also consistently accelerated the successful growth of the Company through the strategic acquisition of Dresden Thin Films (DTF) Germany, the establishment of the new Karlstein Technology Center and the Internationalization of the organization through oversees partnerships and agencies.

With great foresight and in-depth understanding of customer’s needs, he promoted new ideas, markets, and technologies.


Mr. Mathias Hoefler will henceforth take over as the CEO / Managing Director of SOLAYER GmbH. We trust that you will accord him every cooperation as we continue to offer value to your business.

SOLAYER GmbH is very optimistic about the future and we look forward to further strengthening our successful cooperation and setting the pace through innovative technologies.