SOLAYER GmbH (Kesselsdorf, Germany) is proud to announce the exclusive Sales Partnership with Tecport Optics (Orlando FL, USA). 
This agreement means that Tecport Optics will be SOLAYER’s sales channel for North America and associated regions while SOLAYER will be Tecport’s sales channel in Europe´s associated regions.  

Both companies expect strong synergetic effects through this cooperation due to the complementary nature of their product lines and technologies.
Also, a further strengthening of their presence in these regions would be experienced due to this partnership.

This mutual agreement will greatly benefit customers in the precision optics industries because of the broad-spectrum product offerings. These offerings cover state of the art Coating Equipment which incorporate Evaporation, Ion Assisted Deposition (IAD), Diamond-like Carbon coating (DLC) as well as leading Magnetron Sputtering solutions.

Premium and customised service response in the regions is also another great benefit of this new cooperation, of which our customers can leverage.  

SOLAYER GmbH is enthusiastic about the mutually beneficial prospects of this long term sales partnership with Tecport Optics.


Founded in 1997, Tecport Optics designs, manufactures, sells and services state-of-the-art thin film vacuum deposition systems to customers across the globe.
Working vigorously with its world-class instrument suppliers, Tecport builds the most reliable, efficient, and flexible coating systems in the world, customised to the meet the technical specifications of a variety of industries.
Dedicated to excellence in customer service and technical innovation, Tecport has built a loyal customer base that benefits from its corporate motto – ‘We serve to serve again’.