Avior S-100







Safe and reliable process

Exceptional film quality

Perfect for small lot production

Designed for cost-effectiveness

Flexible for future applications

Cost-effective sputtering on up to 100 mm substrates

Perfectly suited for small and medium production lots as well as for the market entry into sputter-coated optical films.

We meet you at the point of your needs - whether you want to enter into sputtering technology or increase your production capabilities step-by-step. Solayer’s AVIOR S-100 is an economic way to offer our customers high-quality sputter-coated films for precision optics.

The all-in-one tool is a ready-to-use equipment concept, which means all components of the tool are mounted on one frame. The tool will be directly connected and used without further installations. Nevertheless, the tool offers a variety of upgrade options (e.g. closed loop process control) to keep the tool fit for the future requirements even after years of usage. For a larger degree of freedom, this tool offers more than one magnetron, whereby optical designs are not limited to SiO2 and Si3N4 only.

AVIOR S-100 is using advanced pulsed magnetron sputtering. This specific process technology allows a stable and predictable process with extremely reproducible results. The process offers high rates for fast deposition of dense & shift-free films with amorphous structure, low defect and high mechanical & environmental stability.

The flexible carrier design allows a fast adaptation of the production according to the requirements of changing sizes and shapes. Depending on the carrier, the system can be equipped with numerous small substrates or 16x ∅ 50 mm up to a maximum size of 6x ∅ 100mm.