SOLAYER stands with you (#COVID-19)

We stand with you

It is no longer news of the challenges we face globally due to the novel corona virus – COVID-19 outbreak.

While different measures are being implemented globally, regionally and nationally to stem the spread of this virus, we would like to particularly thank the health workers, support staff and officials who have put themselves at risk in other to ensure our safety.

We at SOLAYER would like to express our commitment to you and your loved ones in these trying times. We advise that you keep in consonance with the safety guidelines as stipulated by all the public health agencies globally and down to the local counties. Ensure the social distancing regulations and always note that our collective responsibility is what is required to conquer this pandemic.

SOLAYER expresses its’ SOLIDARITY with the rest of the world in ensuring the necessary cooperation to surmount this challenge. We are available all through this period to continue to support you, our customers and the public as much as we can while ensuring that adequate preventive and supportive measures are adhered to across our facilities.

We believe in the undying resilience of our unity. We are rest assured that together, with a united thrust, we will defeat this menace and continue to forge the path of human excellence premised on environmental responsibility.

The Board, Management and Staff of SOLAYER GmbH wishes you well.BE SAFE and STAY HEALTHY.