Optics June 2017


Dresden, June 2017 – With innovation as the core theme, Solayer has developed a new coating system for precision optic applications enabling key breakthroughs in the industry. The unique combination of an outstanding process together with a future-orientated design opens the way to an easy-controlled, cost-efficient production. 

Understanding the continuously increasing challenges to achieve high-quality optical film properties, Solayer has built an ultra high-precision production tool. The new AVIOR M-300 is specifically designed to guarantee a safe and reliable production of precision optics with market-leading film uniformity and characteristics.

AVIOR M-300 is capable to handle up to 12 substrates per run with a diameter of up to 300 mm or correspondingly a large number of smaller substrates. For a fast and easy production, carrier systems for various substrate shapes are available, e.g. 56x 150 mm or even more. A unique combination of a sputter-up (face-down) configuration along with dual rotary magnetrons offers unrivaled competitive benefits with regard to process stability, lowest particle count, minimal service time and cost of ownership.

Equipped with an in-situ deposition growth control, the system needs no calibration or test runs even for stack designs with several hundred layers. Deposited films are stoichiometric, amorphous, dense and shift-free with cutting edge absorption and scattering. The fully-automated load lock type coater is capable of handling up to 4 different target materials installed at the same time. This design offers a benchmarking variety of dielectric films as well as metallic and mixed coatings without material exchange or any service.

Using CARS or METAMODE sputtering process, the system is capable of coating sophisticated layer stacks with market-leading thickness uniformities down to ±0.2 %. The tool has a superior long-term process stability over the complete target lifetime of up to 3 months. The achieved coating results are highly reproducible and predictable making AVIOR M-300 a special tool for precision optics.

At International tradeshows in June 2017 – Optics Taiwan in Taipei and Laser World of Photonics in Munich – Solayer will introduce the portfolio of precision optic coating tools.

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