Booth at LOPEC 2017

LIVE! Demonstration of ultra-short time sintering at LOPEC 2017



Dresden, March 2017 – LOPEC is a premier event for emerging technologies. By offering a platform to showcase the complete value chain, starting from R & D up to applications, the event combines technology and business. In 2017, Solayer will exhibit for the first time at LOPEC to showcase the new products and services for large-area coating, organic and printed electronics.

Sintering equipment for Printed Electronics  

Solayer offers Flash Lamp Annealing (FLA) equipment FORNAX for drying, sintering and crystallization of ultra-thin layers on heat sensitive substrates (PET, paper, glass, textiles etc). The novel annealing technique, which is based on pulsed lighting technology in the (sub) millisecond range allows an innovative thermal treatment to significantly improve layer properties. Within printed electronics, flash lamp annealing aids in the sintering of nanoparticles into conductive layers. With possibility to customize and adapt to a multitude of applications, our FLA systems are ready for integration in atmospheric coating (e.g., functional printing, spray coating) and vacuum deposition tools.

Vacuum coating equipment for R & D, pilot and mass production

Solayer’s team of experts carries over 200 years of combined experience in building standard and customized vacuum equipment and components. Our Alasco series includes systems for research and small-scale manufacturing, where multiple thin-film technologies and up to 8 port cluster stations can be integrated to the central robotic handler. The Alioth series includes large-scale production tools that are specially designed and manufactured for industrial applications. With a vast experience in magnetron sputtering and plasma-enhanced CVD technologies, our advanced process capabilities span the established and emerging market applications. Our strong know-how in thin-film deposition has enabled successful projects in the development of tools for thermal evaporation, Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD), ion implantation etc.


We are delighted to invite you to visit our booth 516A at LOPEC 2017 in Munich, Germany, where we will be demonstrating our FLA system for sintering of printed inks and crystallization of TCO materials.


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