Shenzhen Association for Vacuum Technologies Visits SOLAYER



Solayer’s commitment to changing the ‘industry-scape’ through innovative and simplistic technologies in the Asian Market, has been recognised and given further momentum.

The Shenzhen Association for Vacuum Technologies (SZAVI) recently visited the SOLAYER Technology Center at Kesselsdorf, Germany and were treated to a tour of the facility. The high powered delegation was introduced to the technology differentiators and innovations which are unique signatures of the SOLAYER brand.

SZAVI, with close to sixty member organisations, places premium on creating synergies between government, research, industry, academia, venture capitalists and the media. The tour afforded them the opportunity to have firsthand view of how SOLAYER’s applied research is translated to products and services in the Vacuum Coatings and Surface Technology Industry.

                                                                                                                                                     SZAVI visits SOLAYER

Major highlights for the association were the:

  1. Advantages and applications of the AVIOR M-300 and ALIOTH In-line Coaters,
  2. Solayer’s design competence in Optical Layer Simulations,
  3. Real-time in-situ Process Monitoring and Control and,
  4. The corporate dedication to improving the industry through rigorous applied research, modular designs, high performance components and versatile applications.

Following the impressive feedback, SOLAYER has been invited to showcase these novel and emerging technologies at the next SZAVI Exhibition.

SOLAYER GmbH would like to thank the SZAVI delegation and  wishes them a pleasant return to Shenzhen.