SOLAYER GmbH adds more Steel to Her Mettle


SOLAYER began the second quarter of the year 2018 on a ‘steely’ note. Her patented innovative solution recently received a resounding recognition from a global player in the Steel Industry.

This recognition comes on the heels of the signing of an agreement between SOLAYER GmbH and this Steel Company. Details of the contract entails the use of SOLAYER's patented technology to galvanize steel.

After a decade of diverse research and applications, this revolutionary and indelible contribution by SOLAYER further strengthens the global effort of environmentally friendly technologies compared to contemporary options.
Additionally, the technology offers the deposition of films with superior quality and precise thickness.
This ground-breaking innovation which reduces the weight and wastage of zinc,is more environmentally responsible.

As SOLAYER's presence continues to grow through strategic market penetration globally, with innovative products like the AVIOR and others, it is safe to say that its' niche, bespoke and progressive futuristic technologies are unique differentiators which have endeared its' customers.

For expertise in tailored vacuum and surface technologies for precision optics, featuring products like the AVIOR range with film uniformities of ± 0.2 %, SOLAYER IS YOUR SURE PARTNER.