Optik-Symposium Magnetron Sputtering


Photonics is a key technology of the 21st century. It is represented in almost all areas of life, and new applications are added every day. As the number of applications increase, the demand for productivity and quality of optical coatings increases. In order to meet the ever-increasing demands, new coating processes with significant potentials are necessary.

In the symposium on 15th November 2017 in Dresden, eminent speakers from industry and research highlight the breakthroughs of an innovative coating process – Magnetron Sputtering - for Precision Optics. Magnetron sputtering bridges the gap between traditional ion-assisted vapor deposition and ion beam sputtering - combining the advantages of both technologies. Together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin Films IST, Solayer has developed a novel system to meet the ever-increasing demands on layer properties and layer uniformity.

The new AVIOR M-300 has been specifically designed to ensure a safe, reliable and cost-effective production of precision optical coatings on substrates up to 300 mm.

Solayer cordially invites you to attend the one-day symposium.

Reasons for your participation:

  1. - Listen to lectures on Precision Optics topics
  2. - Take part in interactive discussions on Magnetron sputtering applications
  3. - See the new AVIOR M-300 live and learn more about the benefits of this technology
  4. - Meet colleagues from Precision Optics and expand your network

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