Alioth platform





ALIOTH Platform


High throughput mass production

Field-proven production design

Configurable inline platform

Dense and stable films

Perfectly suited for large-area coating

Vertical / Horizontal Inline Coating on substrates of sizes up to 1600 mm x 1800 mm

ALIOTH is qualified for a wide field of applications, ranging from large quantities of small substrates through to single large-area substrates

We recognize the need of flexibility and sustainability in the production of optical coatings. Solayer’s ALIOTH platform is a versatile system design that allows customized configurations according to your requirements and needs. The platform is designed to produce dielectric coatings e.g. BBAR, metal-dielectric coatings, protected metal mirrors as well as TCO coatings.

ALIOTH platform is equipped with various process technologies. Linear ion sources for surface pre-treatment and gate valve design for a complete gas separation between individual process sections are available. Metallic coatings can be applied by planar or rotary magnetrons using DC or pulsed DC power supplies. Dual-rotary-magnetrons arrangements with MF or bipolar pulsed DC power supplies are used for deposition of high-quality dielectric films.

The field proven production concept is equipped with load locks and available as dual and single end configuration for clean room as well as grey room installations. The platform provides various sizes, all based on the same tried-and-tested system technology. The available coating width is ranging from 500 mm up to 1800 mm.

The ALIOTH platform is suited to manage large throughput as well as large area substrates in a cost-effective production environment.